Quality and Environmental Policy

Quality and environmental policy

The Berndorf Band Group is committed to protecting the environment in all areas. Technical innovation combined with sustainability and quality are the guiding principles on which we base our global corporate strategy. This philosophy is evident in the two branches of our business: belt manufacturing and the engineering of special machines. The production of our endless steel belts itself is subject to the strictest environmental standards. When designing custom-built process machines, we pay particular attention to the factors low energy consumption and low CO2 consumption. This focus allows us to guarantee sustainability throughout the entire life cycle of the machine and beyond.

Another key to high quality and customer satisfaction lies in the technical know-how that every member of the Berndorf Band Group brings to the table. The proficiency of our entire management system covers the areas of environmental protection, quality and safety. To render our services at the level of excellence we wish to maintain, Berndorf Band and Bernd Band Engineering have sought and obtained ISO certification (ISO 9001, ISO 14001). In addition, Berndorf Band also undergoes regular audits according to EMAS.

Berndorf Band Group – sustainability by:

  • Low energy consumption and low CO2 consumption
  • Long lifetime of steel belts and machines
  • Environmental certificates