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Berndorf Band Group’s worldwide R&D and test centers: Lab-Caster

With more than 90-years’ experience, the Berndorf Band Group is an international market leader in the production of steel belt systems and offers worldwide R&D and test centers for clients. In the production of high-quality films and foils, it is vital that the steel belt, casting and drying systems are designed precisely in conjunction with the materials used. These systems must also meet the increasing energy and quality requirements placed on producers across the globe. At Berndorf Band’s R&D and test center, we ensure this is possible for your business through the application of our cutting-edge Lab-Caster technology, which simulates production and processes, tests materials, drying methods, and more.

Berndorf Band Group’s worldwide R&D and test centers: Lab-Caster

  • What are Lab-Casters exactly?
  • Range of applications for Lab-Casters
  • Lab-Caster products & industries
  • Benefits of Berndorf Band’s Lab-Caster

What are Lab-Casters exactly?

Berndorf Band Group’s Lab-Caster is a caster used for the production of thin films and membranes.

Of course, each product has different manufacturing parameters and requests. This is why Berndorf Band Group offers product-specific solutions and ongoing support from the very beginning. One of the many Lab-Caster benefits is that, when you visit the Berndorf R&D center, our experts will assist you in testing production options, including each individual process required for your product’s development. At our R&D center, you have the unique chance to test different steel belt surfaces and drying processes with your casting solutions. This will determine not only the suitability of various systems and solutions, but also offers a chance to optimize the materials and energy used throughout production. Using our state-of-the-art Lab-Caster and years of specialist experience, the Berndorf Band Group is ready to support you from product development and process design to the first round of production and beyond.

Lab Caster System

Range of application for Lab-Casters

Berndorf Band Group’s Lab-Caster has a wide range of applications to meet each product’s unique needs. At the Berndorf R&D center, our experts utilize the Lab-Caster to give you the support you need to turn your product into reality, from product development to manufacturing product samples.

In the first instance, the Lab-Caster can be used to test a variety of steel belts, from mill-finished to nano polish, to different casting and drying systems. It also makes it possible to test the production of water-based films and foils, and the production of new materials.

Lab-Caster applications include:

  • Casting of novel materials
  • Process & production development together with our experts
  • The evaluation of optimal processes and system parameters
  • Optimization of the drying process
  • Energy optimization for process and machine designs

Lab-Caster products & industries

Our R&D center in Austria and worldwide test centers offer the chance to test equipment that is suited to any number of industries, from automotive and aerospace to electronics. The Lab-Caster in particular can be used for industries that require thin films or membranes. These include:

  • Filter membranes can be used by the beverage industry for ultrapure water and in medical filters
  • PMMA sheets, also known as acrylic and plexiglass, can be used in light distribution products, sanitary equipment and panels for moldings
  • TAC (tri-acetyl cellulose) films can be used as polarizing films for LCD screens and packaging films
  • Special films can be used for packaging films and components of polarization filters
  • CNF (cellulose nano fibril) can be used for innovative, sustainable films, foils and coatings

Benefits of Berndorf Band’s Lab-Caster

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of Berndorf Band’s Lab-Caster is that it allows for the development of optimum process and system parameters. Throughout the simulation process, our experts will assist you to determine the optimum production speed, temperature profile and more. The Lab-Caster is able to test production using temperatures from 25 °C (77 °F) to 180 °C (356 °F), and adjust the belt speed from 0.1 m/min to 30 m/min. This ensures the best process and system is determined for your product.

While in the process of testing at our R&D center, we will of course test the manufacturing process from the development and production of materials until production of the final product. This ensures that each step of the production process is optimized for you, with the assistance of our specialists. Moreover, it means that through the testing process we will manufacture product samples and production materials for you.

Throughout the testing process, the Lab-Caster will record processing data, ensuring we can reproduce the production process, including speed, temperature, film thickness and more. This data ensures that, once the machine design and production process has been finalized, production of your product can begin seamlessly, with the help of our experts.


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