Berndorf Belt Technology U.S.A.

Berndorf Belt Technology USA (BBT)

Headquartered in Gilberts, IL, Berndorf Belt Technology USA operates for the Berndorf Band Group as the company’s subsidiary in the United States. A total of 19 employees support customers in all of the United States and the Canadian market.

Made from stainless steel, carbon steel or titanium, the belts exude unique quality in every detail – both in terms of their mechanical and physical properties and their geometric characteristics. They are widely used in continuous industrial processes such as pressing, drying, cooling, baking and conveying.

To ensure high-yield and high-quality production, Berndorf Belt Technology USA offers both Berndorf steel belts and steel belt systems that are engineered and manufactured to customer specifications in Austria. A fast-responding team of certified service technicians provides their expert services to guarantee that your machines remain constantly ready for use.