Double Belt Systems

Double belt presses

The R&D Center in Berndorf is equipped with two double belt presses suitable for subjecting a wide range of sheet and panel-shaped products to a production test. The modular double belt press and the double belt sliding table press.

Modular double belt press

A key advantage of the modular double belt press is its capacity to allow for a flexible exchange of modules without the need to remove the belt. This distinctive feature makes it possible to adapt the processes to the product requirements at hand by a quick and easy change of the modules. Moreover, the modular design also allows the installation of additional elements, boosting production capacity significantly. Available modules are roller carpet modules, fixed roller modules, sliding plate modules and calender modules.


  • Individual module arrangements
  • Support by experts for optimal parameter settings
  • Temperature tests up to 400 °C | 752 °F

Double belt – sliding table press

The sliding table press is suitable for both isobaric and isochoric operation mode with two heating modules and one cooling module.

Technical data

Max. pressure 3 bar
Belt width 340 mm
Belt speed 0,01 – 5 m/min
2 heating zones, length/temperature 300 mm, max. 300 °C
1 cooling zone, length 300 mm