Single Belt System

The various single belt systems we employ at our R&D Center allow for production tests with a myriad of different products and materials. To optimize the individual production processes, we adapt the corresponding machine to customer specific requirements for the duration of the test. At Berndorf we provide the customer with a slew of different testing and experimentation options that range from steel belt film caster to universal and winding belt systems.

Steel belt film dryer with casting system

The extensive accessories that come with this machine allow for the production of various films and foils as well as sintered products. The single belt system even processes polymers up to 400 °C | 752 °F without a hitch.

Available components:

  • Winding units
  • Spreading and scattering units
  • Feeding funnels
  • Heating elements
  • Various calender rolls etc.

Universal steel belt system

Production tests carried out on a universal steel belt system are particularly versatile as the system allows for custom test setups. Ample space between the drums allows a customer-specific arrangement of various components. The system makes it possible to develop specific continuous manufacturing processes and investigate questions on how parts coming into contact with the belt affect the belt’s tracking.

Available components:

  • Pressure and supporting rolls
  • Heating and cooling elements
  • Two drive systems enable high speed variations

Winding steel belt system

This single belt system has been designed for special applications in the areas of films, foils and composite materials. The winding steel belt system made in Berndorf allows testing, analysis and optimization of assorted processes ranging from winding tasks to laminating to high-temperature applications.