Machine Measurements

3D measurements with FARO®* Vantage laser tracker

Fast, precise and versatile

The qualified staff of Berndorf Band Group offers 3D measurements taken with a high-precision 3D laser scanner to customers around the globe.

Complicated conventional measurements of machinery that produce inaccurate results, take several hours to complete and often slow down production processes or shut them down completely are now things of the past. The 3D laser scanner engineered by FARO® Europe GmbH is capable of scanning objects from distances of up to 80 meters | 262 feet.

Delivering a measurement accuracy of up to 15μm, the equipment makes on-site object measurements completely straightforward and effortless. Better still, it also reduces the hassle of shutdown times during production to a minimum.

Benefits of 3D laser measurements

  • Fast and accurate actual dimensions
  • Distance accuracy of up to 15μm
  • Range of up to 80 meters | 262 feet
  • Verification of subsystem alignment in 3D
  • 3D check of the subsystems’ location and parallel position
  • Plant measurement including final report
  • Process analyses (e.g. thermal expansion)
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