Project Planning

Comprehensive service from Berndorf

Berndorf Band Group ranks among the industry’s technology leaders in the optimization of continuous production processes that rely primarily on the use of steel belts. The company’s core capabilities lies in the areas of planning, engineering and designing custom-built steel belt-supported processing systems for various branches of industry.

We support our customers at every single stage of the project

  • Research and development
  • Experimental testing
  • Construction
  • Production
  • Installation & commissioning of the machine
  • Maintenance & after-sales service
  • Upgrading and retrofitting of the systems

Berndorf Band Group offers worldwide solutions for your continuous production process and helps you turn your ideas and innovations into reality. Instrumental to the success of our products and our solutions are the technical know-how of our employees, paired with their impeccable sense of responsibility and customer orientation.
Talk to us about your application and let us assist you in finding the solution that will take your productivity and competitiveness to the highest possible level.

Join us to blaze a trail to your success

Berndorf Band Group offers manufacturing plants the comprehensive product management they need to maintain their edge over competition. We coordinate and accompany research projects while working in close cooperation with universities and technical colleges. An interdisciplinary team of specialists working in the fields of process technology, physics, chemistry, mechanics and mechatronics assess the feasibility of each and every customer project and conduct additional studies including FEM or energy management calculations. Mechanical, flow and thermodynamic characteristics are determined by means of calculations and simulations while our in-house laboratory conducts metallographic and surface examinations.

Process management that never slows down

We operate our own Research & Development Center on our premises in Austria. We team up with experts to perform a wide variety of production processes and summarize them in detailed reports. Our experts use existing studies, calculations and practical tests to plan and build not only the mechanics of the machine but also its entire electronic system.

Our staff at our R&D Center analyzes and tests process parameters and belt tracking characteristics of existing machines and machines yet to be built. The determined parameters are then used to prepare an optimization concept and to visualize the results by means of a computer-assisted simulation calculation. Before the new production system is erected, our customers are supported by our qualified specialists at every stage of the project chain. Berndorf Band Group has, of course, made it one of their foremost priorities to put the machine into service within agreed time and budget.


  • Increase in competitiveness
  • Optimization of individual production processes
  • Development of optimum production lines
  • Ongoing support by our experts
  • Exclusive production analyses
  • Reliable time and cost schedules