Automotive Industry

High-end steel belts for the automotive industry

As a specialist for high-quality stainless steel belt processing, the Berndorf Band Group manufactures steel belts with an exceptionally long lifetime that are ideally suited for applications in the automotive industry. Our steel belts are used in demanding tire tests, complex wind tunnel analyses and comprehensive vehicle design processes.

The test systems used for these applications are composed of Berndorf’s extremely durable stainless steel belts, which can sustain speeds of up to 350 km/h. We apply a special coating to the belt surface that allows operators to simulate a wide variety of conditions. Also, it allows them to precisely analyze the abrasion resistance of the tires. Another benefit is the outstanding belt geometry  which ensures  perfect operating characteristics.

One high-end belt with a variety of advantages

  • Stellar operating characteristics as well as perfect flatness and straightness
  • Ultimate strength and stability
  • Long lifetime
  • Longitudinal and spiral weld seams
  • Different sizes and belt dimensions
  • Specially developed belt coatings to simulate roadway characteristics