Film & Foil Industry

High mirror polished steel belts for the film and foil industry

The high-quality standards that have to be met during the production of films and foils call for specially treated surfaces on the process belts. The exacting requirements for precise, optical products can only be met with super smooth polishing and extremely pure grades of steel. This is why producers in the film and foil industry trust in the high mirror polished stainless steel belts engineered by the Berndorf Band Group. Whether their products are needed for LCD screens, acrylic glass, filter membranes, ceramic foils or other end products, our Research&Development department teams up with our application engineers and develops polishes that fit their intended application.


As a service provider for everything that has to do with steel belts the Berndorf Band Group also offers innovative Casters that help ensure a reliable and efficient production process. Our experienced team members are happy to advise you and help you find the manufacturing process that fits your requirements best.

Benefits of Berndorf belts for the film and foil industry

  • Super smooth surface polishes to satisfy the demanding requirements on optical products
  • Laser welds that are barely visible in the product
  • Maximum strength and resilience to guarantee a long belt life
  • Minimum flatness and thickness deviations to ensure high-precision products
  • Customer specific belt dimensions for any application
  • Ultra-smooth and vibration-free operation guarantee a homogeneous product
  • Our global service offers quick and proficient support