Laminate Industry

Textured steel belts for the laminate industry

Especially when it comes to laminates, end consumers expect a wide selection of decor and texture options that look natural. Extensive research and development combined with a close cooperation with our customers make it possible to produce individual laminate textures on endless steel belts including complex textures.

Manufacturing process for textured belts

Raw belts with a high precision are the basis for allover and embossed in register steel belts. Latest digital printing and etching technology ensures highest quality.

Belt production texured steel belt

Premium quality and long lifetime

Textured stainless steel belts set primarily themselves apart by their long lifetime. To achieve this exceptional longevity, the Berndorf Band Group provides specially engineered machines that are capable of refurbishing the machines and restoring their chrome plating. These highly specialized machines are able to gently rebuild the gloss of the belts. By doing so they restore the belts close to their original condition. To customers using their steel belts for continuous operation and, thus, requiring regular refurbishing, the company offers machines for purchase and installation on the customer’s premises.

Steel belts and their advantages for the laminate industry

  • Latest digital printing technology enables highest surface quality
  • A wide range of different surfaces
  • Tailor made design developments
  • High economy due to long lifetime