Steel Belt Service

Global service that never stops

To ensure that your operations run at the highest productivity possible, the Berndorf Band Group offers extensive services and pioneering service equipment centered around the steel belt under the quality brand bernfixx®.Our service network performs such tasks as steel belt installations, repairs, inspections, maintenance and training for all types of belts worldwide. Apart from comprehensive training classes, we also offer you innovative service equipment that reflects the cumulative expertise of our experienced engineers and technicians. Our foremost objective is to provide you with the service and technical tools you need to handle such problems as belt damage or other process disruptions and, thus, restore optimum productivity.

Service equipment from Berndorf

  • Magnetic clamping device
  • Patching tool
  • Mechanical clamping device
  • Belt edge maintenance and repair tool
  • Hot bonding device
  • High power shot peener
  • Repair kit
  • Cutting and welding device
  • Mobile belt sander