Wood Industry

Stainless steel belts for the wood working industry

Designed for the production of wood-based panels, the endless steel belts made by the Berndorf Band Group are distinguished by their high thermal storage capacity and exceptional operating characteristics. Their outstanding product quality, which will last over the lifetime of the product, is ensured by extremely narrow manufacturing tolerances. While always important, the high-quality processing of raw materials is essential when it comes to manufacturing products for interior decoration. To guarantee the best product quality, many manufacturers are relying on the dependable stainless steel belts made by the Berndorf Band Group.

The need to adjust the belt properties to the customer’s individual specifications requires an ongoing improvement of production methods and the material selection. Berndorf Band Group devotes tremendous attention to research and development both in terms of production flows and the processes that are essential to the customer.

The belt and its properties for the wood industry

  • Laser welding technology
  • Exceptional operating characteristics
  • Ultimate strength and stability
  • Long lifetime
  • Minimum flatness and thickness deviations
  • Different sizes and belt dimensions
  • Global customer service