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With more than 90 years of experience, the subsidiary of the Berndorf AG is considered the global market leader in the production of steel belts and steel belt systems. Employing a staff of more than 400 at eight locations world-wide, we can rely on a diverse and tight-knit network of teams, who are at the core of our products and the progress our group has been fortunate enough to enjoy. Operating in Asia, Europe, and North and South America, the group consists of the parent company Berndorf Band and nine seven subsidiaries.
Whether you are just starting out, ready for a career change or wish to take your career to the next level:
The Berndorf Band Group has the position that is right for you. o solidify and further our success in the future, we are constantly on the lookout for qualified and dedicated employees who can make a valuable contribution to our teams and share their talents to help us achieve our goals as a company.



The extensive range of fields in which the Berndorf Band Group is engaged provides an abundance of job opportunities for qualified and motivated specialists. This holds true for all areas covered by the Berndorf Band Group:
steel belt production, engineering of new machines, R&D, marketing & sales, administration, service, etc.
Our vision, our objective and our values are the cornerstones of Berndorf’s corporate culture.

We attach particular importance to giving our employees the opportunity to develop their talents and grow as a person, which is why we off er a multitude of advanced training options:

  • Berndorf Academy
  • Senior management workshops
  • Workshops and projects on the subject of innovation
  • Apprentice training
  • Thesis supervision
  • Trainee program “Talents @ Berndorf”
  • Internships


Internship at Berndorf Band Group

We would like to support the skills of young talents and give you an insight into professional life. With different programs we offer the possibility to combine practice and training. This gives young people the opportunity to get to know the company and various work processes.

  • Diploma thesis
  • Trainee programm „talents@berndorf
  • Internships


Take your chance and visit us trial days or job fairs.

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Professionals, Students

Elisabeth Spitzer, MA

Director People, Training, Support


T: +43 2672 800 251


Dieter Peley

Trainee Education, Quality Management


T: +43 2672 83570 338