40 years NBC & 30 years BSBS / 日本ベルティング株式会社40周年記念 & 창립30주년번도르프유한회사

Tokyo, November 2021 – The year 2020 presents major economic challenges for the entire world. But even in these difficult times, there are anniversaries that must not be forgotten. With great pleasure the Berndorf Band Group congratulates its subsidiaries Nippon Belting Co. Ltd. to 40 years and Berndorf Steel Belt Systems Ltd to 30 years company anniversary.

“Winning together” is the mission of the Berndorf Band Group. This principle is based on the close ties between all subsidiaries of the Berndorf Band Group, which includes Berndorf Band GmbH (AUT), Berndorf Band Engineering GmbH (AUT), Berndorf Sondermaschinenbau GmbH (AUT), Esico B.V. (NLD), Berndorf Steel Belt Systems Ltd. (KOR), Nippon Belting Co. Ltd (JPN), Berndorf Belt Technology USA Inc. (USA), SBS Steel Belt Systems USA Inc. (USA), Berndorf Band Latinoamerica S.A.S. (COL) and Beijing Berndorf Technology Development China Co. (CHN).

Since 1980 Nippon Belting Co. Ltd has been part of the Berndorf Band Group. Based in Tokyo, the company is responsible for the supply of high-quality steel belts, innovative steel belt machines and exclusive services of the quality brand bernfixx® in Japan and Taiwan. The chemical, plastics, film and foil industries are particularly relevant for these countries and are therefore covered by Nippon Belting Co. Ltd.

10 years later, in 1990, the subsidiary Berndorf Steel Belt Systems Ltd, Co opened its business in South Korea. Based in Incheon, the company is specialized in designing and manufacturing of continuous, steel belt-supported processing systems and positioned itself as the market leader for the production of machines, which are used to produce solid surface. The application areas of the plants range from cooling, freezing, steaming, heating, casting to pressing and drying of various raw materials.

Thanks to the excellent work of our two subsidiaries, we have an excellent market presence in Japan and South Korea and are available as market leader for steel belts, belting systems and service on the whole global market. We congratulate Nippon Belting Co. Ltd. on 40 successful years and Steel Belt Systems Ltd., Co. on 30 successful years and look forward to many more rewarding years with our two subsidiaries in Japan and South Korea!

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