Adaptable and suitable for any industry: Berndorf Band Group’s Modular Double Belt Presses

Berndorf, April 2023 – One of the biggest challenges for manufacturing companies is the constantly changing demand. The composite industry in particular, for example in the automotive or aerospace sectors, needs to be able to react flexibly and quickly to changing demands. That is why the Berndorf Band Group has developed the Modular Double Belt Press. Read more about the advantages of this extremely flexible system and which different press types can be combined. Or find out more about our products at the JEC World 2023 exhibition in Paris this April!

A Modular Double Belt Press for your production process
Whether for the automotive, aerospace, construction, or building and construction industry: Flexible production processes are indispensable these days to be able to react quickly and effectively to changing market trends and customer needs. The Berndorf Band Group offers a future-proof solution to continuously adapt these processes. With its Modular Double Belt Presses, companies can design production to be dynamic, resulting in a massive boost to capacity and productivity.


How does the Modular Double Belt Press work?

The Berndorf Band Group Double Belt Press is a continuous press with a modular system. Depending on the required process or application, this type of Double Belt Press can be flexibly assembled. Precisely how you need it. It is even possible to combine different press types in one single production line. This means that a wide variety of tasks can be carried out with one machine. The key highlights include:


  • Heating and cooling zones (24° to 420 °C | 75 to 788 °F)
  • Modules for tempering (without chilling, with precise process control in the form of polymer-specific cooling curves)
  • Low- and high-pressure modules (0.2 bar to 50 bar | 2.9 to 725 PSI)
  • Sliding plates, roller carpet and fixed roller modules


In addition to the unique versatility of the machine, Berndorf Band Group’s innovative system combines all sorts of advantages:


  • Optimum performance: our Double Belt Press transforms a static process to a continuous pressing process, which is why the system works more efficiently and the performance increases
  • Precise thickness: compared to other press systems, the Double Belt Press guarantees a uniform thickness over the entire product width and is also able to manufacture products with a thickness of just 0.15 mm | 0.0059 inch
  • Best operating characteristics: our press reaches operating temperatures of up to 420 °C | 788 °F combined with pressures up to 50 bar | 725 PSI, ensuring the production of high-performance polymers
  • Excellent heat transfer: the heat transfer into the product is unparalleled
  • Improved product quality: using Berndorf Band Group’s high-quality Steel Belts throughout maximizes the quality of the end product
  • Variable raw materials: numerous base products can be used such as pre-preg, powder, flakes, roll-sheets, etc.


The Modular Double Belt Presses are used worldwide
Thanks to their flexibility and high adaptability, our Modular Double Belt Presses can be used in a wide range of industries and processes all over the world:

  • Automotive (composites, hydrogen technologies, fuel cells, etc.)
  • Aerospace (sandwich panels, honeycomb panels, interior linings, seat backs, etc.)
  • Building & Construction (engineered stone, facade panels, roof sealing, composite panels, etc.)
  • Synthetic flatware (conveyor belts, polymer panels, recycled boards, etc.)
  • Other applications:
    • Bipolar plates (hydrogen technology)
    • UD tapes (tape laminates, etc.)
    • Fiber-reinforced composites (interior and exterior automotive trim, organic sheeting, aerospace trim, sporting goods, etc.)
    • Interior (flexible flooring, cork flooring, luxury vinyl tiles, etc.)
    • Panels (such as sandwich or honeycomb panels for trucks, train walls, etc.)

If your product is not included, please contact us here, and together we can find the right solution for your application.


Test with the best

Every industry and every company has different requirements for their production processes. To cover these as precisely as possible, the Berndorf Band Group has set up its own Research & Development Center on-site in Berndorf, Austria. Here, customers can convince themselves of the numerous advantages of the Modular Double Belt Press.


Custom production tests (material, temperature, pressure, speed) demonstrate the perfect interplay between process know-how and state-of-the-art technology. The optimum decision in terms of the selection and arrangement of the modules can be made in advance. As a full-service provider, our Berndorf Band Group’s experts provide support in all matters related to Steel Belts and Belt Systems. A visit to the R&D Center is therefore well worth it!


Visit us on the web or at the JEC World 2023 exhibition in Paris
Would you like to learn more about our unique Modular Double Belt Press? In this video we show you in detail which modules are available for the Modular Double Belt Presses. Of course, you are also welcome to take a closer look at them at our R&D Center in Berndorf, Austria.


For further information or to make an appointment, please send us a request through our contact form.


We will also present the Modular Double Belt Press at the world’s largest networking event for the composites industry, JEC World in Paris (from April 25th to 27th, 2023).


We would be delighted to welcome you at our booth no. Q72, hall 5, to discuss our cutting-edge technology! Schedule your appointment with our experts now.



April 25th – 27th, 2023

Hall 5, Booth No. Q72

Parc des expositions Paris Nord Villepinte,
Villepinte, France



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