Process Equipment: Flexible Solutions for Solidification and Cooling Systems

Berndorf, August 2022 – Berndorf Band Group positions itself as a total solution provider, able to offer its customers the complete package. From Steel Belts and Belt Systems, right up to Service and know-how, we cover all areas. That’s why we are a reliable partner to companies all over the world. We place great emphasis on feasibility studies and tests so that your processes function optimally with Berndorf Band Group’s products. This proves our commitment to the engineering, design, manufacture, construction and installation of your Solidification and Cooling Systems. And this extensive approach has proven successful: around the globe, the chemical and petrochemical industries rely upon our Belt Systems to solidify sulfur, waxes, resins, oleo chemicals and many more.


What Exactly is Process Equipment?

Process Equipment is an umbrella term for our Solidification and Cooling Belt Systems. The total package includes single or double belt coolers, corrosion-resistant steel belts, feeding systems, and downstream equipment such as breakers that process the applied material into flakes. Process equipment is used to solidify molten products so that they can be transported and mixed with other products.

A Sophisticated Cooling Process

Berndorf Band Group’s Single and Double Steel Belt Coolers are used around the world in many production processes to solid liquid products into different shapes. We employ an indirect cooling process which effectively dissipates the heat given off by the product to accelerate solidification of the material. Extra cooling zones can be individually adapted to ensure a controllable cooling process. Process Equipment thus guarantees that the material is cooled down to the required process temperature. In this way, chemical and pharmaceutical products that meet our customers’ demands can be manufactured economically and exactly.


No Contact Between the Product and Water

All of Berndorf Band Group’s Cooling Systems are supplied from the factory with quick-release nozzles that have a large orifice. These spray cooling water in a square spray pattern during the cooling process. This ensures maximum-efficiency and maintenance-free cooling. Finally, solidification of the liquid material on the Steel Belt takes place through the cooling caused by the cooling water sprayed onto the underside of the Steel Belt. An enviroment friendly process with Berndorf Band Group cooling systems.

This is exactly what is special about Berndorf Band Group’s Process Equipment It is a so-called dry process. Despite the use of cooling water, it never comes into contact with the product. This means that process equipment has three major advantages:


  1. The product stays dry and is not contaminated.
  2. The cooling water is not contaminated.
  3. The cooling water can be reused for further processes, which significantly reduces the water consumption of the cooling process.

Solidification and Cooling Systems from Berndorf Band Group

Process Equipment combines Single or Double Belt Coolers, Steel Belts, Feeding and Downstream Devices to form a complete package. The right combination of the individual components is crucial to achieve the optimal result for every customer. From Steel Belts and Belt Systems to global Service for turnkey systems, we provide an all-in-one solutions:


  1. Steel Belts

Choosing the right material for your Steel Belt is crucial. That’s why, following extensive research and development, we have developed special steels to meet the high demands of the chemical industry. These steel belts withstand the constant dynamic loads over a long period of time and are characterized by the following advantages:


  • High-alloy steel materials ensure corrosion resistance
  • High dynamic fatigue strength
  • Perfectly flat surface guarantees uniform cooling and precise product transport


  1. Feeding Devices

Many of our Feeding Devices have been developed to satisfy a wide range of requirements. For example, they enable the production of products from low to high viscosity at a melt temperature of up to 250 °C | 482 °F. Two especially innovative Feeding Devices from Berndorf Band Group are:


  • The BernDrop®  pastillation system: The pastillator is combined with a rotating shell to distribute the material as uniform pastilles on the steel belt according to the customer requirements.
  • The BernFlow®  Feeding Device: It produces a sheet of molten product on the Steel Belt. With a Breaker at the discharge end, the manufactured product sheet can be sized to the required flake size.


What Products is Process Equipment used for?

Process Equipment is used for the following materials:


  • Waxes, such as cosmetic waxes, hydrocarbon wax, paraffin and much more
  • Special Chemical products, such as aluminum sulfates, magnesium chlorides, adhesives and much more
  • Black substances, such as bitumen, asphaltene, tar and much more
  • Sulphur
  • Fertilizers, such as Sulphur Bentonite, nitrogen derivatives and much more
  • Oleochemicals, such as alcohol, acids, amides, esters, stearates, detergents and much more.
  • Resins, such as hydrocarbon resin, epoxy resin and much more
  • Powder paints

Visit us at ACHEMA

From August 22-26, 2022,  ACHEMA , the World Forum for Process Industries, will take place in Frankfurt am Main. Manufacturers and service providers from over 50 countries will gather there to present innovations in pharma, chemistry, biotech, energy, and the environment. Berndorf Band Group will be exhibiting there. Come and see us at booth #H26 | Hall 4!


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