Next-Level Technology: Cooling System with Nicro 94 Steel Belt

Berndorf, August 2022 – As the global leader in the production of Steel Belts and Belt Systems, Berndorf Band Group is pleased to announce further good news from Asia, where it has gained a new customer, Dae-A Energy, in the sulphur industry. A total of five Steel Belt Coolers and the well proven pastillation system specifically designed for the sulphur industry were delivered. Due to the process know-how, the expertise and the innovative approach of the Berndorf Band Group the customer‘s expectations could be exceeded. What is the High-Capacity Shell, the Nicro 94 Steel Belt material used, and what are its advantages for the customer?

Dae-A Energy is an affiliated company of SP tank terminal, whose main activities involve the storage and loading/unloading of liquid bulk products (petroleum, chemicals, etc.). To its business further and diversify its export operations, in 2019 it founded its subsidiary Dae-A Energy, specializing in sulphur. The problem, however, was that in its liquid state sulphur is extremely difficult to store and transport. For Dae-A Energy, the question, therefore, arose as to how liquid sulphur might best be solidified. The answer? By means of pastillation and the specialist expertise of the Berndorf Band Group.


Unique Pastillation System with High Quality and Excellent Production Capacity

In the pastillation process, the liquid product is applied in the form of drops to a Steel Belt that is cooled by water sprayed on the bottom side of the Steel Belt. The Berndorf Band Group has developed the BernDrop® pastillation system with High-Capacity Shell for a high production capacity. The innovative drill pattern used, creates more holes on the shell surface and allows the production of pastilles with a diameter of about 3 to 4 mm | 0.12 to 0.16 in. By increasing the total number of holes on the rotating shell to decrease the pastille size a higher capacity can be reached. Another benefit is that due to the special surface design the shell is three times thicker than the standard commercially available ones. A fact that reduces the sulphur temperature by about 4 °C | 39 °F and as a result, more spherical pastilles can be produced. In turn, this reduces the risk of sharp corners and edges, creating less dust residue.


Infinite Benefits with Berndorf Band Group´s Solidification and Cooling Systems

Thanks to the innovative hole pattern of the High-Capacity Shell, the Berndorf Band Group has succeeded in enabling a higher intake temperature for the liquid sulphur. This reduces the sensitivity of the system during the solidification process, thereby making a sophisticated temperature control system unnecessary. In addition, several tests have shown that the solidification machines can be operated at a higher cooling water temperature (between 20 – 32 °C | 68 – 90 °F) with still high production capacity. This means that a local water tank (without an additional water cooler) is sufficient for production, resulting in considerable savings in investment and operating costs.

“The Berndorf Band Group and its global team exceeded our expectations. The solutions developed for the cooling machines are at the highest technological level and will give us a clear competitive advantage in the future.”

Dae-A Energy

A Question of Material

Nicro 94 was recommended as Steel Belt material because it can provide better performance for the production of customer‘s product. This brand-new product, developed by the Berndorf Band Group, can be used in


  • the cooling and transport of neutral to corrosive products in environments susceptible to chloride pollution (such as sulphur in the vicinity of the ocean) and
  • the paper industry.


Nicro 94 is a duplex stainless steel that combines many advantages of ferritic and austenitic stainless steels:


  • The duplex microstructure contributes to its high strength and high resistance to stress-corrosion cracking.
  • Due to its high chromium, nitrogen, and molybdenum content, the material offers good resistance to both local and uniform corrosion.


Further details on Nicro 94:


  • Its tensile strength is about 1,400 MPa (megapascals) at an elongation of approximately 9.5 %.
  • Its fatigue strength under reversed bending stress is 450 MPa.
  • It has a welding factor of approx. 0.65 (TIG being the most suitable welding method).
  • The optimum operating temperature is between +250 °C and –50 °C | +482 °F and -58 °F.

“We recommended Nicro 94 for this project because duplex steel is rust and acid resistant. In addition, Nicro 94 offers a higher strength than chromium-nickel steel with higher elongation and formability when compared to stainless chromium steel. Also, duplex steel has an extraordinarily high resistance to corrosion and is therefore mainly used in chemical and petrochemical industries and in plants near seawater.”

Richard Szigethi, Berndorf Band Group

As a new customer Dae-A Energy was not only satisfied with the machines supplied and the innovative materials. It also responded extremely positively to the technical advice offered (for example, on which pump systems would beneficial).

All in all, this was a real success story for the Berndorf Band Group, which further contributed to their international success and once again demonstrates their process knowledge.

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