For Top Performance in the Food and Baked Goods Industry: Skid & Graphite Bars from the Berndorf Band Group

Berndorf, April 2023 – One of the most creative and adaptable industries is the food and bakery sector. This year, exhibitors will demonstrate this once more at the INTERPACK and FISPAL TECNOLOGIA exhibitions. Thus, it’s no wonder that the Berndorf Band Group is also engaged here in a wide variety of applications. Especially for the baking industry Skid & Graphite Bars help to ensure smooth production processes. Find out what the Berndorf Band Group developed for your production in this article.

High-quality Steel Belt, innovative Belt Systems and Components  

As a full-range supplier, the Berndorf Band Group produces Steel Belts, Belt Systems and components for a wide range of applications globally. Several customers worldwide rely on the company’s products portfolio. For the baking and food sector, the company developed several additional components, which can help to raise the efficiency of the production, minimize downtimes and produce end products of the highest quality. In the bakery industry, for example, the state-of-the-art skid and graphite bars have become a must-have.


Real Top Performers

Those who work in the industry understand the importance of Skid and Graphite Bars in the baking process. These high-quality components ensure that the Steel Belt moves as smoothly as possible through the heat zone with as little friction as possible. Our engineers spent a significant amount of time developing Skid Bars made of special gray cast iron with elemental Graphite content. These perfectly support and guide the Steel Belts, ensuring a smooth process.


If Skid Bars are used, Graphite Bars are also required. These are high-density molded rails that sit on the inside of the Belt. Two to three pieces per Belt are sufficient to ensure continuous lubrication of the Steel Belt inside.


Quick tip: A lubrication performance check must be performed (ideally quarterly) by the maintenance department directly on the customer’s premises. In addition, if a Belt change is required over time, the Skid and Graphite Bars must be replaced to maintain excellent gliding properties and to extend the Belt life.


In addition to standard profiles, the Berndorf Band Group offers Skid and Graphite Bars that can be customized according to the customer’s needs.


Innovative Development for the Baking Industry

When assembling a Steel Belt, Graphite Bars can be attached to the Belt individually. Or you can use our newly developed lubrication station.


What’s Behind this Lubrication Station?

  • Three Graphite Bars fitted at a specific point
  • Installed by our experienced service team
  • Aim of concentrating the lubricating power in one place
  • Maximum performance guaranteed
  • Quarterly maintenance check can be carried out more easily and at a lower cost


But, aside from innovations, what else do we pay attention to at the Berndorf Band Group? On the durability of our product portfolio. To avoid bearing spots, Skid Bars are used instead of support rollers. At higher temperatures, bearings can get stuck. A clogged support roller would undoubtedly scratch the Belt contact side. Belt deformation would result, and a consistent product result would be impossible to achieve. We recommend our Skid and Graphite Bars in every baking line to ensure a longer Belt lifetime.


Worldwide On-Site Support

Every production downtime is associated with significant losses. Berndorf Band Group’s customers can rely on high-quality Belt Systems and long-lasting Steel Belts. Nonetheless, the unexpected can happen anywhere. In these cases, we provide you with an unrivaled global Steel Belt service.


Our expert network is available all over the world and provides customers with support for all their requirements. Whether it’s a minor problem or a major challenge, our team is always ready to find a quick and precise solution. This global offer also includes special maintenance contracts, inspection, and repair packages. The Berndorf Band Group’s commitment ensures that numerous companies in the baked goods and food industry can always keep their production running and their customers happy.


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