Solvay and Berndorf Band Group: Collaboration Creates Success

USA, February 2024 – Solvay is a company that uses expertise in science to create sustainable solutions for several industries such as healthcare, electronics, automotive, and many more. It is Solvay’s goal to bring people together to innovate ideas for materials, chemicals, and solutions. Berndorf Band Group and Solvay paired up to find an answer to the problem Solvay was having with a product for the consumer goods industry. 



Searching for a Competent Partner

In 2016, Berndorf Band Group visited Solvay’s Brazil facility. Solvay was looking for a worldwide pastillator manufacturer and their goal was to obtain equipment that would help them produce the highest production capacity on a short cooling conveyer. The original equipment supplied to Solvay was only able to produce flakes as the end product, and the machine was not running at the capacity needed. 

While pursuing Solvay as a customer, the company allowed us to test their products to show the kind of results they could achieve when using our BernDrop AD200® After testing and carefully checking all their options with a technical study done by high-level engineers, Solvay agreed that Berndorf Band Group was the best choice. 

High Quality Equipment Produces High Quality Product at a Faster Rate 

We delivered, installed, and commissioned, a feeding device on Solvay’s conveyer. With the help of the BernDrop® AD200 the machine can now produce pastilles and flakes, rather than only flakes.  

“Berndorf Band Group is our preferred partner for cooling equipment. The installation of the BernDrop® AD200 pastillator went very smoothly, due to the good communication of the local sales team and the exceptional technical knowledge of the service experts. The BernDrop® AD200 almost doubled the production capacity of our machine.” – Mr. Felipe Marchi 

Service: Testing, Training & Startup 

A service that was offered to Solvay before any product was purchased was testing products at our local USA test center. The two products tested here were both chemical agents for beauty care products. We provide testing to ensure that we can offer the best solution that applies to each customer’s specific needs. In Solvay’s case, they were looking for something to increase the rate at which their material could be manufactured into pastilles. 


After the BernDrop® was commissioned, Berndorf Band Group service technicians provided on-site training for Solvay employees. It was important to learn each aspect and function of the pastillator to minimize any production downtime in the future. We offer customized training to our clients, so they can completely understand the equipment and ensure it continues to run smoothly. We also provide ongoing service for all our products if a customer requires help to fix an issue. 


Equipment: BernDrop®AD200 @ 1500mm

The BernDrop® AD200 rotary pastillator feed device operates using a stationary product distribution system, referred to as the stator, and a rotating shell. The outer shell of the equipment rotates, spreading the material over the whole width of the production belt. In the initial setup for this version of the BernDrop® pastillator had a raised shell, eliminating the need for a refeed bar. Without the refeed bar, the system can perform faster by enabling higher production rates. This feeding device was the best choice for Solvay, as their main concern was to increase the production capacity of material being manufactured.


After some time in operation Solvay decided to extend the product portfolio for higher viscosity and tacky products, so we are currently working together with Solvay to retrofit the pastillator. This way, Solvay can run the raised shell as well as the smooth shell with a refeed bar on the same machine, depending on the individual product requirements. After the retrofit is completed, Solvay can make use of the advantages of both BernDrop® concepts, high production capacity as well as wide production range, on one pastillator.  


The Importance of Proximity and Expertise 

Solvay appreciated the knowledge that the sales and service staff at Berndorf Band Group had about the pastillation process, as well as our local presence. The company saw that our technology presented several advantages during the testing process, including the high quality of product and high production rates they were looking for. After successful trials, we provided a feeding device to be installed on our competitor’s cooling conveyor machine. 



Thank You 

We take pride in working together with our prospects and clients to form solutions that benefit their current and future circumstances. When we see an opportunity to help, we act quickly and provide resources, like our local test centers, for clients to utilize. Our team of experts is easily accessible to perform ongoing service and on-site training as needed. Berndorf Band Group thanks Solvay for working together with us to accomplish the goals that were set, and we look forward to continuing our valued relationship for many years to come. 


If you are interested in learning more about Berndorf Band Groups’ service, equipment, and testing capabilities take a look at our website to see what we can do for you at our R&D centers. We look forward to working with you towards a complete solution with you.


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