Berndorf, April 2023 – In the baking and food industry, top quality and ongoing innovation play a crucial role. That’s why leading producers consistently rely on Steel Belts and Belt Systems provided by Berndorf Band Group. The numerous reasons for this include their long lifetime, easy cleaning, outstanding hygiene standards, flexible implementation options, and the variety of equipment available. This article explains why customers around the world choose Berndorf Band Group product solutions.


Whether for baking, cooling, freezing, steaming, drying, or transporting products: Our STEEL BELTS AND BELT SYSTEMS ARE USED IN A WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATION AREAS IN THE BAKING AND FOOD INDUSTRY. Depending on the application, producers must select the optimum Steel Belt material, taking into account the specific requirements of the customer. The market leading Berndorf Band Group manufactures high-quality Steel Belts that combine a wide variety of benefits.


  • Dimensional stability: Despite frequent temperature changes and a high number of load cycles, the Steel Belts retain their geometric shape and perfect cylindricity during their lifetime.
  • Long service life: Thanks to the use of top-quality, innovative materials and especially developed service techniques, long product life cycles are guaranteed.
  • Ease of cleaning: Berndorf Band Group belts are easy to clean and thus meet the strict hygiene requirements for the production of food and baked goods. In addition, the low use of aggressive cleaning agents protects the environment.
  • Savings in time and money: The smooth and wear-resistant surface prevents the formation of product and grease residues on the Steel Belts, avoiding unnecessary cleaning work and costs.
  • Excellent thermal conductivity: During processing, temperatures of up to 400 °C | 752 °F can be reached without difficulty. The Steel Belt is not affected by the high temperatures.
  • Continous reliability: Thanks to our unique manufacturing method in endless condition, our Steel Belts convince with an outstanding belt run and perfect belt geometry. Both features ensure consistently high product quality.



The Berndorf Band Group can draw on more than 100 years of experience in the production of Steel Belts and Belt Systems. A large number of customers from the baking and food industries also benefit from this. As a result, customers in the industry not only receive the right Steel Belts and Belt Systems, but also sophisticated components and innovative additional equipment that give them a clear competitive edge.


  • Specially developed Belt Tracking and Tensioning Systems ensure that the belt operates in a precise and reliable way. Two different options are available: the BernMatic® Belt Tracking and Tensioning System and the BernTrack® Belt Tracking System. An expert team from the Berndorf Band Group will advise on which option is most suitable based on an inspection of the set-up on site.


  • For the production of baked goods and food, Vee-ropes and Retaining Strips, are of great benefit. The wedge-shaped Vee-ropes guide the Belts accurately and are available from the Berndorf Band Group in a wide variety of specifications – depending on the requirements and dimensions of the production set-up. One application for Retaining Strips is, for example, the production of biscuit dough. They enable viscous ingredients to be poured onto the Belt surface without running off the edges. They can even be installed in a flexible way, either with screws and bolts or using a FOOD INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC ADHESIVE.


  • Guiding and Supporting Sheaves are other essential types of equipment for use with Steel Belts. They are manufactured from cast aluminum as a low-cost alternative to steel drums. These products are available in dimensions ranging from 600 mm to 1,000 mm.


  • Also important in this context are the Skid and Graphite bars, which are particularly important in baking processes. To support the Steel Belt, the Berndorf Band Group has developed Skid Bars made from special grey cast iron with elementary graphite. When using Skid Bars, it is also recommended that Graphite Bars are used for lubricating the inner-facing surfaces of the Steel Belts. As well as the standard specifications for Skid Bars, customers can also inquire profiles that meet their specific requirements and shape.



Excellent geometrical properties exceed the competition at deep-freeze temperatures of -60 °C | -76 F° and high temperatures of up to 400 °C | 752 F° under continuous load. Our Steel Belts remain dimensionally stable and maintain their running characteristics. To avoid adhesions caused by product residues, our Belts stay flat and very smooth on the surface. Because of the selected high-quality Belt materials, the Steel Belt has an extremely long lifetime, ensuring the highest quality standard.



In industrial production, downtimes and shutdowns can cause high levels of losses. This is especially true for the baking and food industry. The Berndorf Band Group has many years of experience in dealing with these problems and counteracts them thanks to high-quality systems and hard-wearing materials. Just in case, the Group has a worldwide network of service specialists. This means that any problems can be solved quickly and reliably directly on site. Another advantage of our WORLDWIDE STEEL BELT SERVICE is that maintenance contracts can be adapted quite flexibly to customers’ specific requirements. In response to many customer requests, the Berndorf Band Group also offers special inspection and repair packages to prevent damage as far as possible.

All these benefits have contributed to making the Berndorf Band Group the leading partner for Steel Belts for the baking and food industry.



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