Berndorf Band Group combines food-grade preservation with food-grade adhesives

Berndorf, September 2022 – Wherever high-quality food is produced, Berndorf Band Group’s Steel Belts are always there. They are used in baking, cooling and transport processes in the food industry. Cacao is transported on a Steel Belt in the same way as fish and meat are transported. In order to ensure that the Steel Belt reaches the customer in the best possible condition, it is carefully preserved after manufacture. To prevent corrosion during transport or storage, the Steel Belt must be preserved. It is essential to remove this corrosion protection before installing the Steel Belt. Production, especially in the food sector, must not be contaminated by additional products. It is also environmentally friendly and is used in medical care. In order to keep the initial cleaning effort within limits, the Berndorf Band Group offers its customers customized packaging and preservation solutions which are ecologically sustainable.

When does a new Steel Belt have to be Installed?

As soon as a new production line is built, a Steel Belt has to be installed. Companies sometimes also need a new Steel Belt for an existing line as a spare part:


  • In case of emergency: when the machine needs to be repaired unexpectedly and the Steel Belt needs to be replaced. The newly delivered Steel Belt is installed immediately.
  • For a scheduled replacement: once delivered, a Steel Belt is often stored for weeks before being installed during a planned system downtime.
  • As a precaution: After delivery, a Steel Belt is often stored for weeks before it is installed during a planned system shutdown.


leaning a new Steel Belt

If a Steel Belt is going to be used in a few days anyway, why bother preserving it, especially since the preservative has to be removed at additional cost and outside of production? That’s why we offer customized solutions for packaging and preservation. These alternatives are:


  • efficient
  • economical
  • ecologically sustainable
  • customized to the requirements of each delivery


Alternative Ways to Preserve Steel Belts

There are three situations in which a new Steel Belt is ordered for an existing system: in an emergency, for a scheduled replacement, and as a precaution. Berndorf Band Group’s novel preservation methods are also based on these three scenarios:


  1. Packaging without preserving
    A Steel Belt does not need to be elaborately preserved if it is going to be installed within a few days. The belt is corrosion-resistant for several days and is delivered to the customer hermetically packed. So, no time consuming cleaning before installation is needed. This saves time and money.

  2. Preservation using medical white oil
    Medical white oil, or paraffin oil, is food-grade and is used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. However, it is not suitable for consumption and must therefore be removed with industrial alcohol according to Berndorf Band Group specifications before using the Steel Belt. White oil preserves the Steel Belt for about six months.

  3. Preservation using medical white oil, release paper and watertight packaging
    The additional use of release paper and watertight packaging with medical white oil preserves the Steel Belt for more than 6 months.


Use of Food-Grade Adhesives

Berndorf Band Group is always in direct dialog with its customers. This is a good way to receive feedback and further develop our services and our products. One of our customers’ requests was that additionally to the steel belt material and related equipment, such as Vee-ropes and Retaining Strips, the adhesive used to attach the Vee-ropes and Retaining Strips onto the Steel Belt shall be made of food-grade materials.  Berndorf Band Group immediately responded to this request and added a food-grade adhesive to its product portfolio that is equally suitable for nitrile and natural rubber. By using food-grade adhesive, we can therefore cover a wide range of applications in the food and bakery industries.


Best Service Overall

Berndorf Band Group not only responds to customer feedback, but is also very committed to customer service in general. Berndorf Band Group offers 24/7 service to all its customers worldwide. Thanks to our global network of reliable service partners, we can respond quickly when companies need assistance. We offer repairs, steel belt installation, inspection, maintenance and training for all types of belts as part of our comprehensive service.

With our service equipment, our service partners and our know-how, we are at your side whenever and wherever you need us. To further enhance our service approach, we also offer our customers maintenance contracts that are optimally tailored to their needs.


Visit us at the IBIE

The International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) is one of the world’s biggest exhibitions for the food industry. Come and see us from September 18-21, 2022, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. We will be happy to show you our wide range of solutions that can be customized to suit your market and your requirements.


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