New Berndorf Band Group R&D center is focused on Process Equipment

Berndorf, February 2022 – As an industry leader in steel belts and steel belt systems, the Berndorf Band Group understands the importance of testing constantly developing and installing the optimum equipment to meet your business and production needs. We offer a complete service and support, including everything from feasibility tests for new products to construction, installation and maintenance of your new plant. This is why the new Berndorf Band Group R&D center will focus not only on steel belts, but also on Process Equipment, including cooling systems and feeding devices for many applications, processes and industries like chemical, sulphur, petrochemical etc.


New Berndorf Band Group R&D center: Focused on Process Equipment

  • Process Equipment
    • Cooling systems
    • Feeding devices
  • Berndorf Band Group has worldwide R&D and test centers with diverse capabilities
  • NEW Berndorf Band Group R&D center specialized in Process Equipment
  • Process equipment for the chemical industry
  • Berndorf Band Group: More than steel belts


Process Equipment

Process Equipment includes the design, construction, installation and maintenance of steel belt solidification and cooling systems. While Berndorf Band Group of course offers a wide range of made-to-order steel belts and belt systems, we are also experts in Process Equipment. These elements, combined to meet your unique requirements and specifications, work together to create high-quality products and ensure efficient production. Our Process Equipment is especially suited to the chemical, sulphur, petrochemical industries and many other industries, which benefit from our solidification equipment’s high reliability, product high purity, consistent quality and easy remelt processes.


Process Equipment: Cooling systems

Berndorf Band Group offers both Single and Double Belt Coolers, each of which is designed to handle products of varying viscosities and to solidify molten materials to the final product shape. Nozzles spray water onto the bottom of the steel belt, guaranteeing consistent and continuous cooling due to steel’s excellent thermal conductivity. This indirect cooling method ensures both efficient solidification of the products, as well as preventing cross-contamination. Thanks to the availability of a wide range of feeding devices, the materials can be fed onto the belt in various methods for final different shapes. A process adapted to the product characteristics ensures the production of high-end, uniform products.

Process Equipment: Feeding devices

Berndorf offers a variety of feeding devices designed to meet different material requirements. Our feeding devices and cooling systems can both handle products with a wide range of viscosities with a melting temperature of up to 300 °C (572 °F). Berndorf’s feeding devices are also able to create a variety of pastille sizes by simply exchanging the outer shell.


Our berndrop® feeding device is a pastillator system that uses a stator, a stationary product distribution system, combined with a rotating shell to distribute material.


Our bernflow® feeding device feeds molten product in a continuous and homogeneous sheet, kept even through equal heat transfer. Its design is focused on product quality, service accessibility and easy maintenance.


Berndorf Band Group´s worldwide R&D and test centers with diverse capabilities

We are proud to meet customers’ needs across the globe through our international network and worldwide test centers with diverse capabilities, including the new Berndorf Band Group R&D center. Our worldwide R&D and test centers, located in Austria, the USA, and Japan, are available to test process conditions in order to optimize production and find the best Process Equipment solution for your business. We offer customized product testing for all industries and are able to adapt our equipment, including the pastillator, to the relevant industries.

NEW Berndorf Band Group R&D center specialized in Process Equipment

We recognize the importance of offering a complete service and support, from feasibility trials to the manufacturing and installation of your plant, to ensure your production methods are optimized and efficient. That is why the new Berndorf Band Group R&D center is focused on Process Equipment. We will offer the possibility to test a wide range of our equipment, including the Modular Double Belt Press, our unique Lab-Caster, and of course Process Equipment including cooling systems and feeding devices.


Process Equipment for the chemical industry

The chemical industry has particularly demanding requirements for steel belts and steel belt systems, especially regarding the processes for creating a high-quality product, while avoiding corrosion of machinery and contamination of final products. Following extensive research and development, Berndorf Band Group found the best materials for belts used to process chemicals is NICRO. This material has exceptional static and dynamic fatigue strength. Moreover, it is resistant to chloride-induced tension corrosion, a standout feature for processing in the chemical industry. Berndorf Band’s feeding devices are also ideal for the chemical industry, thanks to their uniform product quality, dust-free end products, and designs created specifically to avoid the contamination of materials and rotating parts.

Berndorf Band Group offers systems designed specifically for chemical processes and materials, including sulphur, sulphur bentonite, fertilizer, waxes, resins and many others. Of course, these systems are available for testing at our worldwide Berndorf Band Group R&D and test centers, where we offer customized service and advice for your specific production needs.


Berndorf Band Group: More than steel belts

At Berndorf Band Group, we offer more than state-of-the-art steel belts, belt systems and Process Equipment. We also offer impeccable customer service. We know that your production processes are unique, so we won’t place any limits on your wishes. Instead, we’ll offer you an individualized service with complete packages including everything from feasibility studies to the design, manufacture and installation of your fully customized plant. In this way, you can turn your product idea into a reality knowing your systems are optimized, efficient and capable of producing only the highest quality products with assistance from our expert team.


If you’d like to test our Process Equipment in one of our worldwide test center or visit our new Berndorf Band Group R&D center in Austria, get in touch today.


Please contact us here for more details and for a custom consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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