New acquisitions at Berndorf Band Group: Growth in the plant engineering business

Berndorf, June 2019 – Berndorf Band Group has expanded its portfolio of belt systems for the chemicalfood and pharmaceutical industries with the acquisition and integration of SBS Steel Belt Systems USA and Esico B.V. Expansion of the portfolio will cement the Group’s position as a process equipment supplier in the global market and continues its course as a full-service provider of steel belts, belt systems and global services.


International hidden champion continues growth in belt systems

New acquisitions, Esico B.V. and SBS Steel Belt Systems USA, will enable the Group to close the gap in its equipment range, allowing the internationally successful Austrian company to establish itself as an end-to-end provider on the steel belt system market. That also means Berndorf Band Group will now operate as a process equipment (PE) supplier in the global market. Thanks to the acquisitions, the Group will be in a position to supply and maintain production facilities equipped with endless steel belt systems all over the world, providing everything from services to systems as well as the belts themselves.


New acquisitions boost customers’ competitive USA

Based in Illinois, USA, SBS Steel Belt Systems specialises in the development and production of steel belt systems for continuous industrial processes. The company is regarded as a pioneer of the development of pastillation and belt cooler systems for a variety of products and applications in the chemicals sector. SBS USA is also an experienced provider of upstream and downstream equipment for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Esico B.V., headquartered in the Netherlands, is a specialist in belt systems and process technology. The company has extensive experience of developing automated processes for the chemicals and food sectors. Major investments are often required in these industries, but Esico – a master of streamlining and efficiency – puts its customers in a position to obtain more for less. The Esiform© pastillator is a textbook example. Esico’s solutions are closely aligned with its customers’ requirements.


Solutions tested worldwide deliver efficient end product manufacturing

Thanks to its newly established process equipment business, Berndorf Band Group is the only market participant with access to a local testing centre for belt cooler systems and pastillators in the USA, Europe and Asia. “The current set-up in the machinery business puts us in a position to build on our technical expertise as a steel belt specialist and supply process equipment all over the world. Together with our subsidiaries in Japan and South Korea, the acquisition of SBS USA and Esico B.V. completes the structure for the Berndorf Band Group’s reorganised machinery division,” explained Gernot Binder, President of Berndorf Band Engineering GmbH.

In future, Berndorf Band Group will position itself as a full-line supplier of the most reliable and environmentally friendly, high-quality systems with a strong customer focus. A sales and service network built up over decades allows Berndorf to provide global support across the entire life cycle of systems and components.

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