Revolutionizing Solidification: Berndorf Band Group’s BernDrop® AD200 Feeding Device Dominates the Sulphur and Fertilizer Industry

Berndorf, January 2024 – In the fertilizer and sulphur industry, Berndorf Band Group has emerged as a frontrunner with its cutting-edge machinery for solidification and cooling tailored for these industries. The BernDrop® AD200 feeding device stands out as the world’s preferred feeding device for the solidification of sulphur and sulphur derivates, setting new standards for highest pastille quality, efficiency and reliability.

Key features of the BernDrop® AD200 include a special geometry of the raised shell, reducing wear parts and subsequently lowering maintenance requirements. The innovative design also translates into higher possible production outputs, making it a game-changer for manufacturers in the sulphur and fertilizer sector. One of the standout characteristics of the BernDrop® AD200 is its unique rotating, specially shaped shell design. This design not only enables higher production speeds, surpassing industry competitors, but also eliminates the risk of product deposits on the outer surface of the shell. The BernDrop® AD200 feeding device can achieve the production of sulphur and sulphur derivative pastilles without the need for a refeed bar and external seals, leading to lower operating costs.


The highlighted advantages of the BernDrop® AD200 are:

  • Special geometry of raised shell for highest pastille quality
  • Higher possible production output
  • Elimination of product deposits on outer surface shell
  • No refeed bar and external seals to minimize maintenance costs
  • Easy accessibility for service and maintenance


Complete Solutions for Sulphur and Fertilizer industry

Berndorf Band Group serves as a comprehensive provider for solidification and cooling solutions in the sulphur and fertilizer industry, offering equipment that spans the entire production process. From receiving molten sulphur, dry powder bentonite clay, and micronutrients to managing solidification, pastille handling, storage, and bagging, we provide an extensive range of engineering and consulting services. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in various aspects, including plant layout design, equipment specifications, and process or technology enhancement. Additionally, our global service ensures operational efficiency, allowing your processes to run at peak productivity worldwide.


In conclusion, Berndorf Band Group’s BernDrop® AD200 and extensive portfolio for the cooling and solidification process demonstrates innovation and offering an excellent feeding device technology in the sulphur and fertilizer industry. With its unmatched pastille quality, efficiency, reduced maintenance needs, and cost-effective operation, the BernDrop® AD200 will reshape the landscape of solidification processes for the next years.


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