Berndorf Band Group’s Feeding Devices for the Chemical Industry

Berndorf, February 2024 – The Chemical Industry is a vast phenomenon with an unimaginable number of possibilities for products. At Berndorf Band Group, we specialize in creating Steel Belt Systems that are individually designed to meet different process requirements. Specifically, Berndorf Feeding Devices have been developed for a wide range of products in the Chemical Industry.

For products like resins, waxes, oleo chemicals, black chemicals, sulphur, and several other chemical products there are many types of equipment that can be used in the production line to help achieve your desired goal. These materials range from low to high viscosity and have melting temperatures up to 250 °C | 482 °F. Berndorf Band Group recommends a variety of mechanisms to meet the strict and special manufacturing requirements.  To learn what can work best for your product, contact us here!


Pastille Production with BernDrop® Pastillators

A pastille is a split-pea shaped product that is created when liquid material is dropped onto a cooling platform and given time to solidify. Berndorf Band Groups pastillators are manufactured to ensure the uniform shape and size of each pastille as the product is pumped through the inner chamber of the feeding device, through a rotating shell, and onto the cooling Steel Belt.


BernDrop AD200®

The BernDrop AD200® pastillator has a raised, rotating, perforated shell in which the raw material is pumped through. The special shell design is best for use of low to medium viscose products. Convection is forced by the large surface area, thus pre-cooling the product and slightly increasing its viscosity. With the advanced design of this pastillator, faster production rates and increased production capacity are possible.


BernDrop® with smooth shell and reefed bar

For products with a higher viscosity that tend to accumulate on the outer surface of the shell, the BernDrop® with a smooth perforated shell and a heated refeed bar is recommended. The refeed bar collects any excess material and redistributes it back into the shell, eliminating product build up and avoiding material waste. Optional additions can be included, like the swiveling of the pastillator for easy service and maintenance, as well as a quick lock and positioning system.

Sheet, Strip & Flake production with Feeding and Discharging Devices

While maintaining the uniform shape and size of pastilles is important for some, other manufacturers require production of sheets, strips or flakes. This is where the BernFlow®, Casting Box, and Weir Feeder come in. The raw material is fed continuously in a sheet form onto the Steel Belt surface and can be crushed into flakes by a Breaker from the Berndorf Band Group portfolio.



The BernFlow® feeds raw material continuously onto the Steel Belt surface in the form of a sheet, thus making it the ideal feeding device for creaking flakes. The frame is furnished with adjustable screws, thus creating the possibility to assemble the feeding device with sliding rails and housing for fume extraction.

Product thickness is controlled with an adjustable knife located at the bottom of the BernFlow®, to meet required tolerances.


Casting Box

The Casting Box is a four-sided, heated device made of stainless steel. Heated by electric, thermal oil, or steam this device can reach temperatures up to 250 °C and 482 °F.  When distributing the material onto the Steel Belt, the level of thickness can be manually adjusted between the front gate of the Casting Box and the Steel Belt, resulting in precise conformity to product tolerances, both thick and thin. There are no restrictions for thicker products with the use of this device.


Weir Feeder

The Weir Feeder is a device the alters the characteristics of the flow of material. Suited best for low to medium viscosity products, this feeder can be heated in a variety of ways including steam, hot oil, and electricity. As the raw material is pumped into the reservoir, it fills up the space. When the volume level is exceeded, the liquid flows onto the Steel Belt. The feeding pump controls the amount liquid dispensed onto the belt, preventing overflow, and ensuring a consistent layer of product.


Product Breaker

The Product Breaker is a discharging device that will create flakes from the solid sheet of product on the belt. As the material enters the discharge area, the two breaker shafts work together to produce uniformly shaped flakes. The final flake size can be modified depending on the design and spacing of the bottom shaft and the rotating speed of the shafts.

Complete Solutions by Berndorf Band Group

Whether the issue is production capacity, material thickness, or inconsistent size and shape of the product, Berndorf Band Group can provide a single-sourced solution designed to meet distinct needs. Find more information here about the entire product portfolio for the Chemical Industry.

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