Chemical Industry

Stainless steel belts for the chemical industry

Benefiting from their long years of experience and expertise in steel belt manufacturing, the Berndorf Band Group produces steel belts that satisfy the demanding requirements during the production of chemicals. Choosing the right belt material is of crucial importance for sectors like the chemical industry. Extensive research and development were necessary to find the material best suited for belts in this area: the super duplex material NICRO 85. Aside from its exceptional static and dynamic fatigue strength, this material stands out particularly with its resistance to chloride-induced tension corrosion.

Benefits of Berndorf belts

  • High dynamic fatigue strength
  • Resistance to corrosion and deformation
  • Precise straight running
  • Perfect flatness
  • Optimum axial straightness
  • Smooth surface


To boost the efficiency of the production process, the Berndorf Band Group also offers systems specifically designed for chemical processes.