Retrofitting: Upgrades and updates


For retrofitting, we offer upgrades and updates to your systems according to your requirements. Our experts develop a tailor-made plan to determine the best way to optimize your system while minimizing machinery downtimes as much as possible. Timely changeover to new systems prevents the risk of system downtimes.


Depending on the need, the systems are updated to the latest technological, engineering and safety standards. This ensures that your machines and systems are always up to date to perform their best. With our retrofit service you are optimizing the availability and process reliability of your existing system. The use of new technologies expands your machine’s range of functions so that the upgrade pays for itself in the shortest time possible.


System enhancements:

  • Belt supports (support rollers, skid bars)
  • Status monitoring systems, modifications to existing systems
  • Belt tensioning and control systems
  • Electrical and automation upgrades


Retrofit advantages

  • Upgrades an existing system to the latest technologies
  • Increases machine availability
  • Expands the range of operations thanks to additional functions
  • Significantly extends the remaining service life of your system