Berndorf Band Latinoamérica

Berndorf Band Latinoamérica (BBL)

As a subsidiary of the Berndorf Band Group, Berndorf Band Latinoamérica caters to our customers in Latin America. Based in Colombia, this branch supports customers in South American markets as Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. As service provider for all steel belt needs, the company offers both steel belts and steel belt machines engineered in Berndorf.

Made from stainless steel, carbon steel or titanium, the belts reflect their supreme quality in every detail – both in terms of their mechanical and physical properties and their geometric characteristics. They are incorporated in continuous industrial processes including pressing, drying, cooling, baking and conveying. Both the steel belts and the customized steel belt you a perfectly trouble-free production, Berndorf Band Latinoamérica offers their customers 24-hour customer service by their qualified technicians.