Berndorf Band

Berndorf Band GmbH

Operating from their headquarter in Berndorf and acting as the parent company of the Berndorf Band Group, the Berndorf Band GmbH ranks among the leading manufacturers of endless steel belts with exports accounting for 90 percent of their output. As global player in the production, distribution and servicing of belts, Berndorf Band GmbH has become the gold standard for product quality in their industry.

Made from stainless steel, carbon steel or titanium, the belts reflect their supreme quality in every detail – both in terms of their mechanical and physical properties and their geometric characteristics. They have become an important element in continuous industrial processes including pressing, drying, cooling, baking, conveying as well as a host of other applications.

The right belt for every type of production process

Berndorf Band GmbH | Leobersdorfer Strasse 26 | 2560 Berndorf | Austria