Berndorf Belt Technology & SBS Steel Belt Systems USA

Berndorf Belt Technology (BBT) & SBS Steel Belt Systems  USA (SBS)

Headquartered in Gilberts, IL, Berndorf Belt Technology and SBS Steel Belt Systems USA operate for the Berndorf Band Group as the company’s subsidiaries in the United States. Experienced employees support customers in all of the United States and the Canadian market.

Working hand in hand, under one roof, the former supplies steel belts of the highest quality while the latter engineers and manufacturers cooling systems using those belts.

Made from stainless steel, carbon steel or titanium, the belts exude unique quality in every detail – both in terms of their mechanical and physical properties and their geometric characteristics. They are widely used in continuous industrial processes such as pressing, drying, cooling, baking and conveying.

The SBS machines are used to solidify molten materials into strips, flakes or pastilles. World renown for their engineering designs and manufacturing craftsmanship, these machines have been lauded for their use for smaller laboratory purposes as well as complete system solutions.

SBS has been a pioneer in developing flaking and pastillating units for a wide range of products for applications in Petrochemical and Oil & Gas industries.

SBS has been supplying endless steel belt systems for chemical and rubber industries worldwide. When processing chemicals, the technical level and the quality of our machinery are the main factors of our success.

SBS developed the technology of the continuous cooling and/or freezing conveyors equipped with endless steel belts for food industry in cooperation with the most important manufacturers of refrigeration and drying equipment and with important producers of frozen food worldwide.

A fast-responding team of certified services technicians provides their expert services to guarantee that your steel belt systems and steel belts remain constantly ready for use.


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