Belt Tracking & Tensioning Systems

Tensioning & tracking systems for optimized production processes

Temperature fluctuations, mechanical stress, contamination, and high pressure cause strain on steel belts during daily use. This can lead to premature wear of the belt and imperfect belt tracking, eventually leading to loss of production. To ensure smooth production processes, Berndorf Band Group has developed two systems for tensioning and tracking belts: the tensioning and tracking system bernmatic® and the pure belt tracking system berntrack® (for machines that already have a tensioning system installed).

bernmatic® belt tensioning & tracking system

This belt tracking system relies on the horizontal adjustment of the deflection drum. The deflection drum is automatically brought to the perfect position to keep belt tension constant and ensure straight belt tracking. In case an incorrect belt tracking line arises, the tensioning and tracking system immediately corrects its position, ensuring a longer belt lifetime. This speed-independent control is particularly precise and reliable even at high speeds.

Benefits of the bernmatic® tensioning & tracking system

  • Increased productivity
  • Time savings during belt replacement
  • Automatic adjustment of the system
  • System ensures optimum belt tracking
  • Graphical touch panel with ample analysis options

berntrack® belt tracking system

The automatic horizontal or vertical adjustment of the berntrack® idler rollers ensure optimum position of the belt throughout the process. This compact, yet powerful add-on for any type of belt machine is used in a wide variety of areas, such as the food industry, clean rooms, and in areas at risk of explosion. Control usually depends on local conditions and the infrastructure available there. The experts at Berndorf Band Group will help you decide which components should be installed to detect belt edge position. The ideal solution can be engineered for any special requirement.


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Benefits of the belt tracking system berntrack®

  • Optimization of the entire production process
  • Dependable automatic belt tracking system
  • Long belt life
  • Simple upgrade
  • Contact-free detection of belt speed
  • Continuous detection of the belt edge position
  • Simple installation and commissioning
  • Belt tracking control independent of speed