Conveyor Systems

Process optimization by conveyor systems

In their capacity as an all-in-one service provider, Berndorf Band Group offers conveyor systems and terminals for various applications that are geared towards optimizing production and conveying processes.

The conveyor is a system whose machine frame is made up of a welded frame of profiled tubes and whose belt is tensioned by two pneumatic cylinders. The belt is tracked by a tensioning drum that is adjustable by a spindle and supported by an additionally integrated belt tracking system. In cases where the center to center distance is over 13 meters or greater the belt tracking system needs to be used.

Suitable for various types of production, the machine achieves visible enhancements in production as well as production quality. Additionally remote maintenance allows a quick and flexible service.

Typical technical data*:

  • Axis spacing ranging from 3,500 mm to 21,500 mm
  • Belt widths between 800 mm and 1,500 mm
  • Drum diameter 800 mm
*More technical details are available on request.