Artificial Marble

Steel belt casting and drying system for the production of solid surfaces like artificial marble

One special type of the casters made by Berndorf Band Group are dependable manufacturing systems for a variety of solid surface materials like artificial marble. For more than 20 years, Berndorf has been manufacturing complex machines including their chemical know-how and their application of production technology that breaks new ground. Berndorf steel belt casters enable customers to manufacture artificial marble sheets based both on acrylic and polyester with variable widths.

Typical production flow

Upstream processes

Production of prepolymers (MMA & PMMA) → Mixing & degassing → Feed to the steel belt caster

Steel belt caster

Feed of the casting solution → Calibration of the sheet thickness → Polymerization → Cooling down → Cutting the sheet to size → Stacking

Downstream processes

Cut to the proper width → Dry sanding → Turning the sheet over → Dry sanding → Wet sanding → Printing of customer order information → Inspection → Application of the protective foil → Stacking

The steel belt caster designed for manufacturing artificial marble offers innovative solutions for products possessing a high density, varying designs and flexible dimensions. The Berndorf Band Group supplies all-in-one solutions for the production of solid surface panels:

  • Chemical product composition
  • Specific process know-how
  • Complete production systems

Production of high-quality artificial marble

  • All types of artificial marble
  • 100 % acrylic: artificial marble of the finest quality made with pure acrylic resin
  • Unsaturated polyester resin: Instead of acrylic resin, 100% polyester resin is used to bring down the cost of material
  • Modified material: A combination of acrylic and polyester resins

Complete solutions for the production of artificial marble

  • Unwinding unit and mixer
  • Steel belt caster
  • Winding systems, cooling tunnel, length and width trimming and stacking devices
  • Process proficiency combined with exhaustive know-how regarding the chemical composition of the product