Solvent Based Films & Foils

Steel belt casting and drying system for the production of solvent based films & foils

The Berndorf Band Group’s engineers combine their long years of experience and profound expertise with state-of-the-art technology. This is why our steel belt casting and drying systems allow for the precise and high-quality production of foils and films of solvent cast polymers by means of a thermal drying process. Specially manufactured upstream feeding systems along with downstream further processing components enhance the manufacturing processes in terms of quality and productivity.

In addition, a specially developed production technology from Berndorf makes it possible to manufacture steel belts in endless form. This technology ensures best possible steel belt flatness and thickness variation which are required for a perfect film quality.

Another field of application for Berndorf casters are the production of filter membranes used in beverage and medical applications, PMMA sheets for light distribution or protective TAC films for polarization filters used in optoelectronic products as well as special foils and films for use in the electro- and electronic industry. Berndorf Band Group also offers a virtual caster capable of providing complete process control. This equipment can also be used to perform different calculations that contribute to process optimization.

Advantages for the production of solvent based films & foils

  • Improved productivity without loss in quality
  • Quick belt replacement with no soiling
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Shorter machine maintenance times
  • Precise belt trackingdue to built-in tensioning and failsafe tracking systems
  • Enhanced quality of the products thanks to unnoticeable cross and longitudinal laser welding seams in the steel belt