Process Equipment

Process Equipment

Process Equipment is one of Berndorf Band Group’s expertise areas. It refers to the design, construction, installation and maintenance of steel belt solidification and cooling systems.

The company offers a wide variety of steel belts and belt systems, which are custom made to your requirements and specifications. As your total solution provider, Berndorf Band Group has complete packages to meet your demands, starting from feasibility studies and tests to engineering, design, manufacturing, construction and installation of your plant.

Drawing from more than 30 years of experience in Process Equipment, we are your reliable partner and will support you in all phases of your project. Our package includes tailor made belt systems, steel belts with perfect belt geometry, turnkey installations and worldwide service.


Areas of Application

Chemical Industry
Sulphur Industry
Powder Paint Industry

Cooling Systems

Single and double steel belt coolers engineered by Berndorf Band Group are used for a wide range of production processes. From cooling and crystallization to pastillation of materials like sulphur, powder paint and chemicals in the shape of flakes, pastilles, strips or sheets – all customer specifications can be fulfilled with Berndorf single or double belt cooling systems.

The process of a steel belt cooler

To solidify the molten product, nozzles spray water on the bottom side of the steel belt to guarantee uniform cooling of the product. To save the environment and to avoid a cross-contamination of the end products the systems are engineered to prevent contact between the product and the coolant.

Cooler Berndorf Band Group

Single Belt Cooler

Products with low to medium viscosity, density and specific heat are handled by single steel belt coolers. With the combination of feeding devices and coolers molten materials can be processed into pastilles, flakes, strips or any required shape.

Discover the advantages

  • Production of different shapes: pastilles, strips, flakes, plates, sheets, etc.
  • Product specific temperature profiles due to different cooling zones
  • Economical due to low operating and maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly

Double Belt Cooler

Berndorf’s double belt coolers are mainly used for handling products from medium to high viscosities. Different feeding devices are available to be installed at the infeed of the machine to feed the product onto the belts. An enforced contact between two chilled surfaces ensures a faster cooling process and therefore higher capacity can be achieved, compared to the single belt coolers.

Discover the advantages

  • Reduced floor space requirements thanks to the increased production rates
  • Product curling is eliminated, and production rates are greatly increased since the product is put between two belts, assuring to be in belt contact both top and bottom
  • Cooling can be zoned, both top and bottom, optimizing cooling performance
Feeding Devices

Feeding Devices

The variety of Berndorf feeding devices has been developed to meet different process requirements for a wide range of products. The versatile application possibilities enable the production of materials from low to high viscosities and a melting temperature of up to 300 °C as well as the production of pastilles in different sizes simply by exchanging the outer shell and nozzle bar, with or without refeed bar. Available Berndorf feeding devices are berndrop® and bernflow®.

Discover the advantages

  • High production output and uniform product quality
  • Good material flow characteristics and customized, dust free end products
  • Side tightness to avoid product contamination into rotating parts
  • Easy operation and maintenance because of swiveling movement of the pastillator

More information

Berndorf Band Group offers Process Equipment for various industries. For each sector you will find the most important information in the following brochures: