Berndorf Band Group Drives Innovation Through Worldwide Process Equipment Test Centers

Berndorf, August 2022 – To meet the needs of our customers, simply developing a product that satisfies current demands is not enough. It is also important to recognize where the future is heading and what challenges it might present. We need to overcome these challenges, even before they arise. That means always optimizing our products and launching new ones on the market. But innovation doesn’t happen overnight. Research, and testing is therefore the key task. That is the only way to improve. Customers also need to be involved in the constant development of our products, to see how they can benefit from them in their own process. Our customers have to be sure that our innovations will improve their production processes. This can only be done by production testing.


Our Test Centers for Process Equipment

It is difficult for companies to test a new production process on their own premises. Therefore, Berndorf Band Group has established worldwide R&D and Process Equipment test centers. Various testing facilities for product testing are available to customers on our locations in Austria, Japan, and the USA. This allows companies to optimize their production and determine the best process solution for their requirements. Berndorf Band Group offers its customers production tests for a wide range of industry sectors at its three test centers. How does this work? By configuring the test line according to our customer’s requirements.


R&D Center for Solidification and Cooling Systems in Austria

At the R&D center in Berndorf, Lower Austria, our experts ensure that our customers’ production methods are optimally adapted to their conditions and operate efficiently. But that’s not all: the test center is also dedicated to process optimization and developing energy-efficient systems. Reduced energy consumption has a positive impact on a company’s sustainability efforts. The R&D center offers a Single Belt Cooler with a special Steel Belt and a BernDrop® Feeding Device. In addition, our wide range of Steel Belt Systems can also be tested at the R&D center in Berndorf:


  • Modular Double Belt Press to produce composites, flooring, synthetic flatware, and for applications in building and construction
  • Pilot Caster to produce thin films, foils and membranes
  • Process Equipment consisting of cooling belt and feeding devices to produce pastilles and flakes


Our facility in Austria offers the following technical specifications for the Process Equipment pilot line:


  • Belt width: 800 mm | 31,5″
  • Cooling length: 15 m | 49 ft
  • Three individual cooling zones: 0-35 °C |32 – 95 °F cooling water
  • Belt speed: 5 – 140 m/min | 5 – 43 ft/min
  • Heated drum: max. 160 °C | 320 °F

Berndorf Band Group’s US Test Center

In 2020, a new test cooler inclusive pastillator was built in Gilberts, IL. This modernization will allow a wider range of products to be tested than in the plant operated until then.  The test facility’s Steel Belt Cooler can be converted from Single to Double Belt Cooler. It is also possible to switch from a pastillation to a flaking process at this facility.


Our US facility offers the following technical specifications:


  • Belt width: 300 mm | 12″
  • Cooling length: 14.5 m | 48 ft

Berndorf Band Group’s Test Center in Japan

The testing facility at Berndorf Band Group’s test center in Japan has two Single Belt Coolers, one Double Belt Cooler, one No-Roll/NR-Double Belt Cooler, and one Drum Cooler at its disposal. These offer the following technical specifications:


  • Single Belt Cooler:
    Large specifications approx. 7.2 m x 1 m | 23.6 ft x 3.3 ft
    Small specifications approx. 2.1 m x 0.7 m | 6.9 ft x 2.3 ft
  • Double Belt Cooler:
    Approx. 3.1 m x 1.2 m | 10.2 ft x 3.9 ft
    Overflow weir or press roll can be attached
  • No-Roll/NR-Double Belt Cooler:
    Approx. 4.7 m x 1.8 m | 15.4 ft x 5.9 ft
    Suitable for highly viscous material
  • Drum Cooler:
    Drum diameter: φ45 m | 148 ft
    Width: 0.7 m | 2.3 ft
    Sheet cutters can be attached


Register now for your Tests

Our Process Equipment can be tested in all Berndorf Band Group test centers. Testing takes on average 2-3 days. Contact us here for your next testing at one of our Process Equipment test center!

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