Berndorf Band Group: Your Trustworthy Partner in Solidification and Cooling Processes for Sulphur and Fertilizer Industries

Berndorf, January 2024 – In the dynamic and demanding landscape of sulphur and fertilizer production, the Berndorf Band Group emerges as your total solution provider, offering comprehensive solutions from engineering to implementation. Beyond the pioneering BernDrop® AD200 feeding device, Berndorf Band Group’s Cooling Systems set a new standard in efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness.

The sulphur and fertilizer industries, which are central to global agriculture and industrial processes, face increasing challenges in meeting growing demands sustainably. Berndorf Band Group recognizes these challenges and positions itself with its extensive portfolio for cooling and solidification solutions as the best-suited partner to address them.


Enhancing production outputs thanks to an innovative design

The BernDrop® AD200 feeding device is especially designed to exceed the requirements of the fertilizer and sulphur industry. The special raised shell geometry secures highest pastille quality, minimizes wear parts and reduces maintenance, while its innovative design enhances production outputs significantly. The specially shaped shell not only increases production speeds but eliminates the risk of product deposits on the outer shell. This design ensures a seamless production process, allowing the BernDrop® AD200 to achieve the production of sulphur and sulphur-bentonite pastilles without the need for a refeed bar and external seals, leading to lower operating costs.

Berndorf Band Group’s state-of-the-art indirect cooling process plays an important role in optimizing solidification for sulphur and fertilizer production. This innovative process effectively removes product heat, ensuring optimal conditions for the solidification process. The integrated stainless-steel spray water tanks, allowing for the re-circulation of cooling water using a pumping system, adds a layer of sustainability and resource efficiency. No contact between the water and the product. At the end of the Single Belt Cooler a discharge device, powered by pneumatics, flawlessly removes products from the belt and contributes to the overall efficiency of the process.

BernDrop© AD200

NICRO 12.1. and NICRO 94 for higher corrosion resistance

Choosing the right belt material is of crucial importance for sectors like the sulphur industry. Extensive research and development were necessary to find the material best suited for Steel Belts: with NICRO 12.1 and NICRO 94 for higher corrosion resistance, our Steel Belts particularly stand out as perfect fit for these industries.


We are committed to our customers’ success

What sets Berndorf Band Group apart is its commitment to customer success. The combination of innovative feeding devices, advanced cooling systems, corrosion-resistant belt material and expertise in sulphur and fertilizer production processes positions Berndorf Band Group as the ultimate partner for manufacturers in these industries. In choosing Berndorf Band Group, customers not only gain access to cutting-edge technology and Berndorf’s worldwide service network but also benefit from a partner dedicated to addressing the specific challenges of sulphur and fertilizer production. An efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution makes the Berndorf Band Group the go-to source for revolutionizing solidification and cooling processes in these sectors.


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