Berndorf Band Group provides worldwide R&D and test centers

Berndorf, December 2021 – As a global leader in steel belts and steel belt systems, Berndorf Band Group recognized that there was a need for greater versatility in double belt press systems. There is growing demand for production services, and we don’t believe manufacturers should be restricted by their equipment. To remedy this, we created the Modular Double Belt Press – a system that can be enlarged, reduced and redesigned with ease thanks to a range of different modules that suit various production needs.


Berndorf Band Group provides worldwide R&D and test centers

  • Worldwide R&D and test centers with diverse capabilities
  • What is a Double Belt Press?
  • How do the tests work? What is being tested?
  • Why your business might need a Double Belt Press?
  • Reasons to choose Berndorf Band Group


Worldwide R&D and test centers with diverse capabilities

Berndorf Band Group is proud to have worldwide R&D and test centers with diverse capabilities. Our test centers can be found in the United States of America, Japan, and, of course, Austria. Our international team of approximately 400 is able to provide support on the ground and deliver outstanding customer service. This includes teams of quick-response certified technicians to ensure your steel belts and steel belt systems are always ready for use.

Meanwhile, our headquarters in Berndorf, Austria, is our main location for planning and testing custom solutions for steel belts, steel belt systems, and their associated components. Our Berndorf headquarters is also home to our research & development facility. Here, our team of dedicated specialists can assist you with customized solutions, including everything from conducting feasibility studies to manufacturing product samples and production materials. This includes the opportunity to run tests on our Double Belt Presses.


What is a Double Belt Press?

The Double Belt Press is a continuous flat bed press. Two endless steel belts run one above the other around two pairs of upper and lower drums and form a pressure zone between them. The Double Belt Press offers following system advantages:


  • Heating and cooling under pressure in a single continuous production step
  • Uniform and efficient heat transfer (heating/cooling) from both sides ensures straightness / flatness without warpage
  • Uniform pressure transfer onto the product ensures a precise thickness control
  • Customer-specific design according to product requirement possible
  • The steel belt ensures a smooth product surface


Where a conventional Double Belt Press may only allow production companies to create limited products, Berndorf Band Group’s unique Modular Double Belt Press system will allow you to keep up with continuing change in demand. The modular system can combine different press types and allows for a variety of heating and cooling modules and components in the same production line. What’s more, the modules can be swapped out and changed at any time, without dismantling the steel belts. The machine can also be expanded or shortened as needed. Our Modular Double Belt Press boasts exceptional versatility, allowing for the production of a wide range of products on a single machine.


The modules available for our Double Belt Press include:


  • Sliding Plate Module Heating (SPM-H)
  • Sliding Plate Module High-Pressure (SPM-HP)
  • Sliding Plate Module Temperature-Control (SPM-TC)
  • Sliding Palte Module Cooling (SPM-C)
  • Roller Carpet Module Heating (RCM-H)
  • Fixed Roller Module Heating (FRM-H)
  • Calander Module Heating (CAM-H)


We developed two new modules for our Modular Double Belt Press which include:


  • An impregnation and consolidation module with high pressure zones. This module can be used to process thermoplastic materials and can be heated to more than 400 °C (752 °F).
  • A temperature-control module featuring adjustable cooling zones. This module meets requirements of the polymer-dependent cooling rate and operates between 100-250 °C (212-482 °F).


All modules and components for our Double Belt Press are available for testing at our R&D center for Double Belt Systems in Berndorf.

How do the tests work? What is being tested?

The modular nature of Berndorf’s Double Belt Press means that there are a wide variety of possibilities for production. As such, there is no singular standard testing process. Instead, what is being tested and the testing process depend on the materials and products at hand and will be customized to suit your needs. No matter your production needs, our experts are available to guide and assist you throughout the testing process. Not only will they ensure the optimum module combination for your needs, they can also work with you to develop new products.

“Depending on the product requirement, different upstream and downstream processes are necessary. All our test processes are individually configured to be as realistic as possible.”

Franz Kager, Head of R&D center

Relevant industries: Modular Double Belt Press

The extreme versatility of the Modular Double Belt Press also renders it indispensable to a wide variety of industries. Berndorf Band’s Modular Press can be configured to create all kinds of continuous sheet materials, including:


  • Luxury vinyl tiles and wood plastic composites
  • Conveyor belts
  • Fibre reinforced composites
  • Sandwich and honeycomb panels
  • Other composite sheets & panels


These products can be utilized by industries like aerospace, automotive/ transportation, building and infrastructure, electronics, flooring, sports/ leisure and more.


Reasons to choose Berndorf Band Group

As a global leader in the manufacturing of steel belts and steel belt systems, we pride ourselves not only on our cutting-edge technology, but on providing outstanding customer service. We focus on your individual needs and set no limits to meeting your requirements. Our experts are available to give you advice on every aspect of production, from the production of new materials and feasibility studies, to machine design, installation and maintenance. We will work with you to create a fully customized machine design to suit your needs, including lab trials at our R&D center. You can even visit the test center with double belt systems to be fully convinced.


To learn more about how we can help you realize your product, from feasibility testing to product sample production, get in touch with our R&D Center.

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